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Overview conveyor belt types

Congrip profile (CG)
This is an extremely good profile for inclining transport of heavier goods and products such as bags, boxes, packets, suitcases etc. This profile is very easy to clean.

Cone profile (CP)
The CP profile is excellent for inclined and flat transport of e.g. meat and fish. The sharp points of the cone ensure the product is transported with ease and precision. Furthermore, due to the open structure design of the profile, your customer will have no concerns for hygiene as the belt will be very easy to clean. Maximum production width is 1000 mm.

Crossrib profile (CR)
Good possibilities for inclining of crates, boxes and sacks under dry circumstances. Also suitable as lagging material for transmission or friction rollers.

Fishbone (FB)
Mostly used in food industries like meat, poultry and fish, for inclined transport. Also suitable for leafy products like tobacco and tea. Maximum production width is 1000 mm.

Very large nipple (GNP)
An excellent profile for grip on very large objects, or for conveying goods in wet environments such as the fish processing. Conveyor belts with this profile are easy to clean. Maximum production width is 1000 mm.

Gauze profile (GP)
This profile is very suitable for use as inclining belt for packaged bulky goods, for example in post-offices, airports and other distribution centres.

Light duty incline profile (LD)
This is a special profile very suitable for use as an inclining belt for packaged bulky goods, for example in post-offices, airports and other distribution centres.

Large Rib profile (LRB)
Excellent grip to large and heavy objects like pallets and cases. The profile bends through when the weight increases and thus the contact surface is increased.

Light Square (LSQ)
A profile used in the confectionery industry in cooling tunnels, to imprint the bottom of the chocolate with the same profile as the belt (product identification). Conveyor belts with this profile are also used in bakeries for conveying dough in order to enhance the belt’s releasing properties.

Rib Profile (RB)
This profile is good for inclined transport, especially in dusty conditions. Very popular profile in distributions centres, post offices and airports.

Rough top profile (RT)
A universal profile for horizontal and inclined conveying of boxes and bags under dry and reasonably clean conditions. The belts on which this profile is applied are odour free, and leave neither an aftertaste nor markings. As such the profile is also very suitable for food industry applications, in combination with food-grade belts.

Rough top low profile (RTM)
Lower version of the Roughtop. Used for lighter inclined applications.

Sandblast profile (SB)
A profile that is very popular for jogging belts or as a non-slip tape on drive drums.

Square profile (SQPR)
This profile is usually pressed into a hard PVC which gives it low friction properties in relation to metals and plastics. It is therefore extremely suitable on applications with slider bed support or with accumulation. It is also available in soft PVC where it is mainly applied with products like dough to prevent a suction effect. In cases where our belts are covered with a PVC coating on the bottom side, we use the square profile as the standard one. Maximum production width is 3000 mm.

Sawtooth profile (ST)
This profile can be used on incline conveyors for products such as fish, tobacco and tea. It is very easy to clean. In very wet circumstances this profile can be applied on the bottom side and provides a non-slip transmission.

Triangular profile (TR)
Shallow profile in cross direction, excellent for leafy products and very easy to clean.

Wave top profile (WT)
A profile that can be used for the same applications as the rough top profile. In addition, this profile reduces the noise on the rollers in the return part of the conveyor very effectively.

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